IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.4, n.2 (11), 1996/

Knowledge base technology: a developer view

Authors: G. Ginkul, S.Solowiev


In present paper we have endeavoured to tell about some reasonings, conclusions and pricticals results, to which we have come being busy with one of most interesting problems of modern science. This paper is a brief report of the group of scientists from the Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence Systems about their experience of work in the field of knowledge engineering. The researches in this area was started in our Laboratory more than 10 years ago, i.e. about in the moment, when there was just another rise in Artificial Intelligence, caused by mass emerging of expert systems. The tasks of knowledge engineering were being varied, and focal point of our researches was being varied too. Certainly, we have not solved all the problems, originating in this area. Our knowledge still has an approximate nature, but nevertheless, the outcomes obtained by us seem rather important and interesting. So, we want to tell about our experience in building of knowledge-based systems, and expert systems, in particular.

Gennady Ginkul
Institute of Mathematics
of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.
phone: (373-2) 738130
fax: (373-2) 738027
Sergei Solowiev
Institute of Mathematics
of the Academy of Science of Moldova.


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