IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.2, n.2 (5), 1994/

Fuzzy logic foundations of optimal inference

Authors: A.Averkin, I. Perfilyeva


In this paper we propose to solve the problem of the optimal fuzzy model designing for the dynamic systems controlling, to develop new mathematical models of fuzzy inference, logical schemes of hardware support based on these models, software support, intellectual system based on these models. The proposed schemes will be able to perform an entire inference process required for real--time fuzzy control. Each scheme works independently of the number of control rules in the knowledge base. The necessary accuracy of the output results can be provided. Among the advantages of suggested architectures are: gain in memory size, simplicity in architectural decisions, fast implementation. The proposed intellectual system gives the new approaches to fuzzy logics acquisitionin the ES and FLC, based on t-norms approach. The system is supplied by cognitive graphics interface. The main functions of the system are: visualization of fuzzy logics by multi-color tables, fuzzy logics acquisition, simulation the fuzzy reasoning processes of the system, testing of fuzzy logics.

A. Averkin, I. Perfilyeva,
Computer Center of RAS,
40, Wavilov str., Moscow,
117333, Russia,
phone: (095) 135-32-98
Fax: 07+095+135-61-56


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