IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.18, n.3 (54), 2010/

Information encryption systems based on Boolean functions

Authors: Aureliu Zgureanu
Keywords: boolean functions, multidimensional matrices, private keys, security of the system, the complexity of the problem


An information encryption system based on Boolean functions is proposed. Information processing is done using multidimensional matrices, performing logical operations with these matrices. At the basis of ensuring high level security of the system the complexity of solving the problem of building systems of Boolean functions that depend on many variables (tens and hundreds) is set. Such systems represent the private key. It varies both during the encryption and decryption of information, and during the transition from one message to another.

The Academy of Transport, Computer Science and Communication,
Munceşti, 121-a, Chișinău MD 2002 Moldova
Phone: +373 79 234829, +373 22 473056


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