IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.17, n.1 (49), 2009/

Structured knowledge management techniques for the development of interactive and adaptive decision support system

Authors: Secrieru Iulian
Keywords: Knowledge representation, knowledge management techniques, decision support system, interactive and adaptive interface


The phase of knowledge acquisition and formalization is being considered as the key one for the development of decision support system (DSS). The main problem at this stage is to find a knowledge representation (KR) and a supporting reasoning system that can make the inferences your application needs. The main criterion of choice is what kind of inference the developers prefer and is more appropriate to the problem domain. However, already at the stage of the user interface creation there arise tension between KR and end-user "needs" (preferences and habits). So, multiple representations of the acquired and structured knowledge and management techniques could provide a solution for decision support system inference and interface requirements satisfaction.

Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
of Academy of Sciences of Moldova,
MD 2028, Moldova, Chisinau,
str.Academiei 5, off. 337


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