IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.15, n.2 (44), 2007/

Functional FX-bar Projections of the (Romanian) Verbal Group and Sub-Groups on the Syntactic-Semantic Interface

Authors: Neculai Curteanu, Diana Trandabat, Mihai Alex Moruz
Keywords: Functional FX-bar theory; verbal group; verbal subgroups; Romanian predicate and predication; intensional / extensional semantics; clause-level parsing.


The aim of this paper is to investigate the syntactic / semantic substructures (called subgroups) of the Romanian verbal group (VG) [12], or verbal complex [25], starting with the achievements in the literature, and melted into the device of direct and inverse functional projection within FX-bar theory [7]. The paper examines several problems and their solutions for the syntactic-semantic theories of VG, as discussed in some fundamental papers, and we offer our explanation on the involved syntactic phenomena, the emphasis falling on the VG substructures (verbal subgroups, VSGs), VSG boundaries and composition within VG, direct and inverse FX-bar projections of VG, VG parsing, lexical semantics and intensional~/ extensional logic representations of the Romanian (verbal or nominal) predicate.

Neculai Curteanu, Diana Trandabat, Mihai Alex Moruz
Institute for Computer Sciences,
Romanian Academy, Iasi branch
B-dul Carol I, nr. 22A, 6600 IASI, ROMANIA ,
E-mail : , ,


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