IMCS/Publications/CSJM/Issues/CSJM v.10, n.3 (30), 2002/

Biocomputing system of living cells

Authors: A. Profir


The aim of this paper1 is to show that the process of gene transcription can be represented as a finite automaton illustrating the processing of input/output signals in living cells at DNA level. It is proved that the expression regulation process of λ-phage genes cI and cro represents a molecular-genetic trigger (MGT) which is a self-organizing structure with two stable states. It is shown that MGT can be described as a finite automaton fulfilling logical function NOT AND. A living cell can be represented as DNA-based molecular-genetic machine which has the following characteristics: input, output, transition states, language of computation, predetermined genetic program, memory and energy source. We propose a formal model of biocomputing system (having depth two) that consists of three E.coli bacterium cell cultures. This model corresponding to an elementary logical scheme can solve a class of formula in the conjunctive normal form (like formula (1)).

Aurelia Profir
Institute of Applied Physics,
Academy of Sciences,
Republic of Moldova,
str. Academy 5, Chisinau,
2028-MD, Moldova


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