Damian Florin

Damian Florin
Degrees: PhD, Docent
Function:Deputy Director
Date of birth:March 6, 1963
Foreign languages: English, Russian, French
Phone: 72-74-83

Research interests

Discrete geometry, theory of hyperbolic varieties

Important publications

Membership in Societies and Editorial Boards



International projects:
  1. Project ISF MY2000 "Geometry of hyperbolic 120-cells space and geometry of non-complete hyperbolic 3-structures", 1995-1996 (participant).
  2. Project CRDF-MRDA CERIM-1006-06 "Centre of Education and Research in Mathematics and Computer Science", 2006-2009 (manager cercetare).
  3. Proiect AŞM-FCFR 06.34CRF „Geometria descompunerilor spaţiilor de curbură constantă şi a varietaţilor” 2006-2007 (conducător).
  4. Proiect AŞM-FCFR 08.820.08.04RF „Poliedre, descompuneri şi varietăţi hiperbolice”, 2008-2009 (conducător).

Docent at the Department of Algebra and Geometry, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science, Moldova State University (courses: 3 normative, 1 optional, 1 master).
Secretary of the Scientific Council Specialized on 01.01.04 (Geometry and topology).
Member of the Professorial Council the Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science at Moldova State University.

Publications in Computer Science Journal of Moldova, Buletinul Academiei de Ştiinţe a Republicii Moldova. Matematica and Quasigroups and Related Systems