IMI/Publicaţii/QRS/Ediţii/QRS v.2, n.1 (2), 1995/

Linear isotopies of small order groups

Authors: Kirnasovsky O. U.


The first part of the results of computer investigation of linear group isotopes is given. The first section of the work is auxiliary. It contains beloning criterions to the known classes of quasigroups. The second contains: an algorithn for description of linear group isotopes; a full list of pairwise non-isomorphic linear group isotopes up to 15 order; a full list of subquasigroups of every isotope. For each quasigroup the belonong to the known classes of quasigroup is dingled out.

Kirnasovsky O. U. departament of algebra,
Vinnytsa State Pedagogical Institute,
32, Chervonopraporna str,
Vinnytsa, 287100,


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