IMI/Publicaţii/QRS/Ediţii/QRS v.1, n.1 (1), 1994/

Sharply double transitive sets of permutations and loop transversals in S_n

Authors: Cuzneţov Eugeniu


The work is devoted to the investigation of sharply k-transitive sets of permutations witch are a natural generalization of sharply k-transitive groups. Its main result is the establishment of the connection between such notions as sherply k-transitive sets of permutations, sharply k-transitive loops of permutations (introduced by F.Bonetti, G.Lunardon and K.Strambach) and loop transversals.

Cuzneţov Eugeniu Ph.D.
departament of quasigroup theory,
Imstitute of Sciences of Moldova,
5, Academiei str.,
Chisinau, 277028,


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