IMI/Publicaţii/CSJM/Ediţii/CSJM v.4, n.1 (10), 1996/

Optimization of fuzzy controllers by exhaustiv, trial & error and genetic methods. Medical applications

Authors: L. Boiculese, H.Teodorescu, G.Dimitriu
Keywords: Fuzzy control, exhaustive, trial and error, genetic algorithm, anesthesia control.


The membership functions and rules optimization of a fuzzy controller are focused in this paper. Four optimization methods are addressed: (i) exhaustive method, (ii) trial and error, (iii) genetic algorithm, (iv) a combination of (ii) and (iii). The methods were tested in an application for anesthesia control, using a fuzzy controller with two inputs and one output, implemented on a PC. The results obtained by the classic method, by the trial-and-error (T.E.), by genetic algorithms (G.A.) and by a mixture of G.A. & T.E. are contrasted. The number and type of the membership functions (m.f.), are also taken in account. It is shown that a combination of G.A. & T.E. gives best results in rules deduction.

L.V. Boiculese, G. Dimitriu,
University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Gr.T.Popa",
Department of Informatics,
16 Universitatii Street, Iasi,
6600 Romania,
phone: +40-32-114316,
Technical University "Gheorghe Asachi"
Department of Medical Electronics,
Bd.Copou no.11, Iasi,
6600 Romania,
phone: +40-32-142501,


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