IMI/Publicaţii/CSJM/Ediţii/CSJM v.18, n.3 (54), 2010/

Service for fault tolerance in the Ad Hoc Networks based on Multi Agent Systems

Authors: Ghalem Belalem, Esma Insaf Djebbar, Abderahmann Benaissa, Ali Cherif Brakeche
Keywords: Ad Hoc network, Fault tolerance, Disconnection, Replication, MAS


The Ad hoc networks are distributed networks, self-organized and does not require infrastructure. In such network, mobile infrastructures are subject of disconnections. This situation may concern a voluntary or involuntary disconnection of nodes caused by the high mobility in the Ad hoc network. In these problems we are trying through this work to contribute to solving these problems in order to ensure continuous service by proposing our service for faults tolerance based on Multi Agent Systems (MAS), which predict a problem and decision making in relation to critical nodes.
Our work contributes to study the prediction of voluntary and involuntary disconnections in the Ad hoc network; therefore we propose our service for faults tolerance that allows for effective distribution of information in the Network by selecting some objects of the network to be duplicates of information.

Dept. of Computer Science, Faculty of Sciences,
University of Oran, Algeria
BP. 1524, El M'Naouer, Oran, Algeria (31000)
Phone: 00 213 41 29 94 72
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