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An Interactive Web-based Environment using Human Companion

Authors: Tahar Bouhadada, Mohamed-Tayeb Laskri
Keywords: Interactive learning environment, LCS, DTL strategy, companion, distance learning, troublemaker.


This paper describes the architecture of an Interactive Learning Environment (ILE) on internet using companions, one of which is a human and geographically distant from the learning site. The achieved system rests on a 3-tier customer/server architecture (customer, web server, data and applications server) where human and software actors can communicate via the internet and use the DTL learning strategy. It contains five main actors: a tutor actor in charge to guide the learner; a system actor whose role is to manage and to control the accesses to the system; a teacher actor in charge of the management and the updating of the different bases; a learner actor who represents the main actor of the system for whom is dedicated the teaching. Also, a learning companion actor whose role can be sometimes as an assistant, and other times as a troublemaker.

T. Bouhadada, M.-T. Laskri
Research Group on Artificial Intelligence (GRIA/LRI)
Department of computing
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