IMI/Publicaţii/BASM/Ediţii/BASM n.3 (34), 2000/

Topological properties of function spaces (English)

Authors: Afanas D. N., Choban M. M.


Let $I = [0, 1]$ be a subspace of a space $E$, $\alpha$ be a compact cover of a space $X$ and $C_\alpha (X, E)$ be the space of all continuous mappings of the space $X$ into the space $E$ with the topology of uniform convergence on elements of $\alpha$. In this paper we study the tightness, the pseudocharacter, the character and the bounded subsets of the space $C_\alpha (X, E)$.

Department of Mathematics
Tiraspol State University
str.Gh.Jablocichin 5
MD-2069 Chisinau, Moldova