Instructions for Authors

We give only electronic reprints. Printed reprints may be ordered at the time of proof correction.

The paper submitted must not be previously published in, nor have been submitted to another journal. By submitting a paper, the authors should agree that the copyright for the paper is automatically transferred to the publisher if and when it is accepted for publication.

All papers will be refereed. If necessary, the authors will be asked to revise the paper according to the referee's suggestions. The Editorial Board reserves the right to make reasonable modifications to the wording.

Papers submitted to QRS should be written in an elegant and clear style. Prospective authors not expert in the language used in their papers are urged to seek proper assistance in this matter before submitting papers. If the language used in a submitted paper is poor, the paper will be sent back to the authors immediately. All accepted papers should also be prepared in AMS-TeX or LaTeX style.

Download suggested form: Form.tex and Form.pdf

Papers should be accompanied by (1) an abstract not exceeding 600 characters, (2) keywords, (3) 2000 Mathematics Subject Classification, (4) abbreviated title not exceeding 40 characters for running head, and the addresses of all authors (at the end of the article). In the case of a joint paper, please point out the name and address of the author of contact.

The words "Theorem", "Lemma", "Corollary", "Example", "Remark", etc. are normally in boldface followed by the formulation in italic, the end of which should be clearly indicated. The word "Proof" should be in italic. The end of the proof should be clearly indicated. The word "Definition" should be in boldface. The text of the definition should be in roman except for the concept defined which should be in italic.

Authors are requested to choose mathematical symbols as simply as possible, and please use superscripts and subscripts accurately so that they will not be misunderstood. Distinction should be made between easily confused characters.

Footnotes, other than those referring to the title of the paper, should be avoided. If absolutely necessary, they should be numbered consecutively and placed at the foot of the page on which they occur (not at the end of the article).

Citations in the text should be numbers in square brackets, for example [3], or Osborn [3], referring to an alphabetically ordered and numbered list.

The list of references at the end of the paper should always be in alphabetical order, numbered consecutively and include the names and initials of all authors, or editors, year of publication, and name and location of the publisher (see examples below). Names of journals and book series should be abbreviated in accordance with Zentralblatt fur Mathematik and Mathematical Reviews. Whenever possible, please replace all references to papers accepted for publication or preprints by the exact name of the journal, as well as the volume, first and last page numbers and year, if the article has already been published or accepted for publication. Citations of abstracts of talks will not be accepted.


[1] V. D. Belousov: Foundations of the Theory of Quasigroups and Loops, (Russian), Nauka, Moscow, 1967.

[2] K. Glazek, B. Gleichgewicht: Abelian n-groups, Colloquia Math. Soc. J. Bolyai 29. "Universal Algebra", Esztergom (Hungary), 1977, 321-329, (North-Holland, Amsterdam 1982).

[3] J. M. Osborn: Loops with weak inverse property, Pacific J. Math. 10 (1960), 295-304.