FOI-2015 - Workshop on Foundations of Informatics

This workshop on Foundations of Informatics, to be followed up next year by the FOI-2016 conference, aims to bring together researchers from East and West Europe and worldwide by adding synergy to their endeavors to lay down and foster the research on the foundations of computer science also known as informatics. Other goals of this workshop are to prepare the FOI-2016 Conference and to discuss about the plan to organize an annual FOI conference to be organized in Moldova or in another country going forward. A number of round tables are planned, to provide an open debate on the state of the art and new directions of research and cooperation, as well as on the action items required for the renaissance of the East Europe research in this domain.

FOI-2015 intends to bring more focus on the foundational aspect of informatics treated by mathematical methods, but it invites any original contributions to this domain, including but not limiting to:

Detailed information about FOI-2015 can be found on the conference website.