IMI/Ştiri Europene/2009/

FP7-ICT-2009-6 (Information and Communication Technologies)

Pe data de 24 noiembrie 2009 în cadrul Programului Cardu 7 a fost lansat apelul FP7-ICT-2009-6 (Information and Communication Technologies).

Bugetul indicativ: 286 mln. euro

Data limita: 13 aprilie 2010, ora 17:00 (ora Bruxelles-ului).

Challenge 2: Cognitive systems, interaction, robotics
ICT 2009.2.1 “Cognitive Systems and Robotics”.
Challenge 4: Digital Libraries and Content
ICT 2009.4.1 “Digital Libraries and Digital Preservation”..
Challenge 5: Towards sustainable and personalised healthcare
ICT 2009.5.3 “Virtual Physiological Human”.
Challenge 6: ICT for mobility, environmental sustainability and energy efficiency
ICT 2009.6.2 “ICT for Mobility of the Future”
Future and emerging technologies
ICT 2009.8.7 “Molecular Scale Devices and Systems”;
ICT 2009.8.8 “Brain-inspired ICT”;
ICT 2009.8.9 “Coordinating Communities, Plans and Actions in FET Proactive Initiatives”;
ICT 2009.8.10 “Identifying new research topics, Assessing emerging global S&T trends
in ICT for future FET Proactive initiatives”.

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