Clinical decision support system in domain of ultrasound examination of the hepato-pancreato-biliary zone (SONARES 13)

Programmee:Technology Transfer
Execution period:2013 – 2014
Institutions:Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science
Project Leader:Gaindric Constantin
Participants: Cojocaru Svetlana, Secrieru Iulian, Popcova Olga, Gheorghitsa (Frinea) Irina, Titchiev Inga, Burtseva Lyudmila, Magariu Galina, Cojuhari (Bruc) Natalia, Verlan Tatiana, Ţurcanu Vasile, Puiu Segiu, Ţurcan Svetlana


The overall goal of the technology transfer project is to implement Sonares 13 clinical decision support system for ultrasound examination of the hepato-pancreato-biliary region in daily practice and process of clinical decision making of the Medical Center "ANAMARIA-MED" L.T.D. (Beneficiary).

Diseases of the organs of the hepato-pancreato-biliary region are widespread and represent a large percentage of disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, being the cause of appeals to the Medical Center "ANAMARIA-MED" L.T.D. These can be detected by ultrasound. Ultrasound is reliable and accurate method for diagnostics of the diseases of hepato-pancreato-biliary region with sensitivity more than 70-80%. Due to its non-invasiveness, low cost, and accessibility, it is admitted by experts as the imaging technique of choice for screening in clinical practice, including by the clinicians of Beneficiary.

Correct and early diagnosis of the indicated pathologies is extremely important because the progress of hepatitis and pancreatitis is risk factor for cancer of these organs.

Technology transfer object is the technology of storage and documentation of diseases specific cases of the organs of the hepato-pancreato-biliary region detected by ultrasound diagnosis, based on the methodology of structuring, classification, formalization and storage of professional knowledge in medical diagnostics domain of the Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova (IMCS).

Innovative component of technology transfer is to provide clinicians information support at all stages of clinical decision making, which in present has no analogy in the world. This information support is built on experts knowledge base, collection of annotated model images, innovative inference engine and adaptive interface. All are designed and developed by the IMCS.